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At Schumacher Homes, testimonials like the ones that you’ll find below mean a lot to us. We treasure every single letter we receive about our custom homes and every positive review posted online. That’s because we know that what we do at Schumacher Homes changes peoples’ lives. Your decision to buy a new home, and to choose Schumacher Homes to create that home with you from the ground up is one that we take very seriously, something that we hope the testimonials that follow show. We read every one of these testimonials, not only because of the pride we take in our work, but to learn what we did right, and maybe even get some ideas on what we can do better.

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If we at Schumacher Homes were fortunate enough to be able to help you build the home of your dreams and you’re happy with the results, we’d love to hear from you today. Drop us a letter or an email or post something online. We’ll find it and take your feedback gratefully. We’re also happy to share the Schumacher Homes testimonials we receive with those families first starting out in their search for the perfect custom home builder for their new home. We know what an exciting and challenging time that can be and we want you to know that we’re here to help. You can trust that we’re going to get the job done, not the fastest way or the cheapest way, but the way you want it done; although we are renowned for our efficiency and value, as well.

It was really wonderful how we were able to literally plan our own custom floor plan. We really appreciate the hard work and effort of all of the people involved in the building of our new custom home. What a wonderful experience! - GD, Columbia, SC

I just had to take the time to let you know what an excellent job your builder did. He was professional, honest and really knows his stuff. Our home fits our family’s needs perfectly and its quality is obvious to anyone who sees it. - CS, Irmo, SC

I love the upstairs loft and bonus room in my new Olivia. The ability to customize to my desires is what really set you guys apart. The quality of materials and professional approach of each member of your team was noticed and appreciated. - JW, Florence, SC

I just wanted to take a few minutes to compliment you on the quality of the employees in your organization. My daughter sells for one of your competitors and when I called her and asked her what builder has the best quality reputation; it took her all of two seconds to say “Schumacher Homes, without a doubt. - LJ, Lexington, SC

What a wonderful experience. We could not be happier with our new home. Everyone with the Schumacher group was exceptional and fantastic to work with. We will recommend Schumacher to all of our friends. - SR, Sumter, SC

Prior to choosing Schumacher as our builder, we had considered another builder.. We had a custom floor plan drawn, & were close to signing a contract. My wife & I saw an ad for Schumacher Homes & decided to talk to them before we signed with the other builder. Jason, at the Columbia office, explained that Schumacher prefers customers to select one of their floor plans which has already been priced out...the good news was, Schumacher has so many plans to choose from, they were able to adapt a floor plan similar to ours. The 4000+ square foot custom floor plan we brought to Schumacher was sent to their Home Office for their CAD people to review. Soon their version of our house was back for us to review. The plan was almost identical...& the cost was thousands of dollars less than what the other builder quoted. Next came financing. As so many know the housing market has been up & down. Thanks to Schumacher, we worked with one of their recommended lenders & got approved quickly for a higher amount than we could get using a local lender. Construction started in late September & we moved into the house in January...even with 2 major holidays, construction continued on schedule, Even with it being cold and rainy moved along quickly inside. Schumacher offers a wide array of options in their design package but even still, they don't offer everything. What we liked about Schumacher Homes is they allowed us to purchase items on our own that they did not offer in their package and they arranged the installation. Once construction began, we worked closely with Troy, the onsite builder....Troy is extremely knowledgeable & professional. When you are building your dream house, no matter what mentally envision what it will look like long before it's I knew what things should look like even before it was built...on previous builds with other builders it was a constant head butting experience...I would envision things one way & the builder would do it another....with Troy it was totally opposite. If I felt that something wasn't right...Troy would explain to me why it needed to be done a certain way...& if it could be done the way I wanted it, a change order was written & it was done. Troy treated the construction of our home like he was building it for himself...he took pride in the work of his sub-contractors & he always treated my wife & I as part of the team...I think that is what we appreciated most about working with him....again I can't say enough about how professional Troy was through the process. Overall the experience we had with Schumacher Homes was incomparable to anything we experienced in the past. From the moment we sat down with Jason, who explained the process in the way Schumacher builds houses, to working with their in house design expert, to going through their planning meetings & working with Troy...the entire experience was a pleasure. Even the sub-contractors were professional & courteous. Believe me when I say, building a new home is a very trying & sometimes nerve racking experience....but it wasn't like that working with Schumacher's Columbia Office. We've been in our home going on 2 years. Like anything man made, we've had a couple of times when we needed warranty service work...& Schumacher was there when we needed them. Past experience with other builders was know, the usual complaint...once the builder gets his money, you never see him again. Not with Schumacher...if you have a problem, & it's covered under their extensive warranty...they take care of it. They even come back at the end of your first year & touch up your that is way beyond good service! I want to thank everyone at the Columbia office for making the experience of building our home a pleasant memory that we will never forget...thanks to all the folks at Schumacher’s Home Office that played a part in the planning stage of our house...those who we never met but had some hand in making this beautiful place we call home. - RL, Chapin, SC


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